Ceud Mile Fàilte!  - - Fair faw ye!

The Scottish phonetics community welcomes you to Glasgow, "the dear green place", for ICPhS (10-14 August 2015). We are fair made up that we are hosting this unique conference at a fantastic venue on the renovated River Clyde, close to Glasgow’s lively city centre.

Important dates

Deadline for recommendations for Discussant Sessions 31 March 2014
Deadline for joining IPA to benefit from discounted registration fee 1 February 2015
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Deadline for on-line full paper submission 1 February 2015
Notification of acceptance 1 April 2015
Early registration closes 1 May 2015
Deadline for 1st authors to register 1 May 2015
Deadline for revised paper submission 7 May 2015

Cead Mile Fàilte is a hundred thousand welcome in Gaelic.
Fair faw ye is a Scots blessing wishing good fortune.